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Position User Name Name Country City Organization Codeforces Rank CoderForces Rating
61 KAN Nikolay Kalinin Russia Nizhny Novgorod Institute of Applied Physics of the RAS legendary grandmaster 3014
62 djq_cpp Jiangqi Dai China Nanjing Nanjing Foreign Language School legendary grandmaster 3014
64 jcvb Ce Jin China Beijing Ildar Gainullin fun-club legendary grandmaster 3013
63 zx2003 not_found China Hangzhou Hangzhou No.2 High School legendary grandmaster 3013
65 Endagorion Mikhail Tikhomirov Russia Moscow Moscow IPT legendary grandmaster 3011
66 ugly2333 Yixin Chen China Nanjing Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications legendary grandmaster 3011
67 halyavin Andrey Khalyavin not_found not_found not_found legendary grandmaster 3003
68 HIR180 Hirotaka Isa Japan Maebashi The University of Tokyo legendary grandmaster 3000
69 peehs_moorhsum DaDi Mi China Beijing RDFZ legendary grandmaster 3000
70 Zlobober Maxim Akhmedov Russia Moscow Moscow State University international grandmaster 2996
71 whzzt Zhenting Zhu China Wuhu Tsinghua University international grandmaster 2995
73 FizzyDavid Junzhao Yang China Nanjing Nanjing Foreign Language School international grandmaster 2980
72 lumibons Lukas Michel Germany Munich University of Oxford international grandmaster 2980
74 lych_cys Yancheng Liang China Ningbo Zhenhai High School international grandmaster 2963
75 LHiC Mikhail Ipatov Russia Moscow Moscow State University international grandmaster 2950
76 dorijanlendvaj Dorijan Lendvaj Croatia Popovača Kuroni Fun Club international grandmaster 2946
77 LayCurse not_found Japan Kyoto not_found international grandmaster 2942
78 Errichto Kamil Debowski not_found not_found University of Warsaw international grandmaster 2940
79 Golovanov399 Alexander Golovanov Russia Kazan’ Moscow IPT international grandmaster 2940
80 conflict not_found South Korea not_found not_found international grandmaster 2940