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Position User Name Name Country City Organization Codeforces Rank CoderForces Rating
18098 yassin_ not_found Germany Aachen RWTH Aachen expert 1854
28336 bine Bine Brank Germany Aachen not_found expert 1731
55580 Yulian not_found Germany Aachen RWTH Aachen specialist 1561
134535 Unlucky1267 not_found Germany Aachen RWTH Aachen pupil 1381
184025 nin_gr not_found Germany Aachen RWTH Aachen pupil 1292
300747 chluff Mohamed Ali Chelbi Germany Aachen not_found newbie 442
101626 Ragusa not_found Denmark Aalborg not_found specialist 1419
112731 anton.christensen9700 Anton Christensen Denmark Aalborg not_found specialist 1407
197818 Slorup not_found Denmark Aalborg Aalborg University pupil 1261
15772 laughinging Qianyun Guo Denmark Aarhus not_found candidate master 1902
43157 Heisenberger Bingsen Wang Denmark Aarhus Aarhus University expert 1632
26668 Eugene Eugene Larchenko Russia Abakan not_found expert 1743
37631 Elun Anatoly Manzhugin Russia Abakan Khakas SU expert 1666
40331 SashaShlyapik Fedor Kochegar Russia Abakan not_found expert 1649
49986 dmitriy0712 not_found Russia Abakan Khakas SU specialist 1595
77490 grebenshikov.n Nikolay Grebenshchikov Russia Abakan not_found specialist 1468
124412 NikEN Nikite Engel Russia Abakan not_found pupil 1393
172400 BloodSoul Valery Andryushkov Russia Abakan not_found pupil 1320
187571 Mc_Colt Nikolay Kanunnikov Russia Abakan not_found pupil 1284
216069 GavrilaZ Gavrila Shimolin Russia Abakan not_found pupil 1211